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Be Water Wise When the Weather Heats Up
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Spring in Cincinnati can be very mild and plants and trees love it. But summer can bring hot and humid weather that can tough on plants and trees in your residential or commercial landscape.

Whenever temperatures exceeds 90° plants and trees will experience stress, which could happen a lot this year. But simply watering all day isn’t the answer, especially if you want to make it through the summer with your utility budget in tact.

Instead, water your landscape strategically. Early in the morning when temperatures are still low, or late in the evening when the temperature is likely to dip overnight are the best times to water your plants, trees, and lawn.

It’s a good idea to water less frequently, but deeply. For plants and trees, water long enough to saturate the ground to a depth of 8 – 10 inches. For lawns, water at least twice a week, with a saturation of at least 8 inches each time.

If you’re planning your landscape right now, you can make decisions about plant and tree placement that will make maintaining your yard and garden throughout the summer (and winter) much easier. Design your yard so that plants don’t compete with each other for shade or water. You can do this by grouping plants with similar light and water requirements together.

Quality soil will retain moisture even during a drought. You’ll know if you need to amend your soil before planting if it’s difficult to dig or doesn’t break up easily. Building quality soil is pretty simple. Adding organic matter to your soil, like compost and treated manure, will do the trick.

Mulch is your yard’s best friend during hot (or cold) weather. When plants and trees are properly mulched, the soil can retain moisture longer. We recommend a 3” – 5” thick layer for most plants and trees.

Of course the very best way to maintain your landscape is to hire professionals. Give us a call today to find out how easy it is to have a beautiful landscape all year long when you hire H & T to maintain it. 513.478.1541



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